The .Com domain registry Verisign (the administrator of .com) has announced that it will increase the wholesale price it charges registrars for .com registrations and renewals by 50 cents. The price increase will take effect on September 1, 2021.

It is the first year that Verisign has been able to increase prices for .com domain names under new agreements with the US government and ICANN .

The company is also allowed to increase prices by 7% every year for the next 4 years. It is not yet known whether Verisign will also implement this increase in the future.

This means for you as a customer that we are forced to implement the increase on September 1 in our price for a .com domain name. If your domain name is renewed before this date, the increase will only take place next year. In addition, a number of other extensions will also be increased in price.

Below you will find the extensions for which we will adjust the prices on September 1. The rates below are per year and exclusive of VAT.


Extension Old Price New Price
.com € 12,- € 12,50
.email € 22,50 € 25,-
.network € 22,50 € 25,-
.support € 22,50 € 25,-
.tips € 22,50 € 25,-


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